Bruce Anderson
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I'm Right Here

Lyric Credits: 2005 Bruce Anderson
Music Credits: 2005 Bruce Anderson
Producer Credits: 2005 Bruce Anderson
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Performance Credits: 2005 Bruce Anderson
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"I'm Right Here" features an orchestral fanfare followed by full orchestral arrangement and jazz piano improv. The song is a dialog with the Creator as I ask where he was as I began to fall to my physician-inflicted homeless disabled ordeal and the near death experiences that followed, thus initiating a decidedly Odyssean wounded healer's journey. Now in the midst of the pandemic, the world passes through the same process of spiritual death, transformation and rebirth, the millennial process. Keep the faith people.
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You are the light of the vision,
You are the star in the sky,
Guiding shepherds home,
Though I struggle to see you,
I feel your love in the wind and rain,

So where are you now,
When all of my debts have been paid,
And the wind is calling me home,


I'm right here,
I'm right here,

I am the wind and the rain,
I am your joy and your pain,
I am the vision you see,
I am your wish to be free,

And when your journey is through,
I'll put my arms around you,
You see there's nothing to fear,
With every step I'm right here,


I gave my life just to see you,
I left behind all the dreams of a worldly man,
I played the fool as you've asked me,
Now all that's left is my hope and faith,

So where are you now,
When all of my plans have been laid,
Yet my tears are one with the rain,

You never know what life will bring,
Just open your heart and let your love sing,
Then when you look inside your dreams,
You will find me,
And you'll see that I'm right here,