Bruce Anderson
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The Power of Light

Lyric Credits: 1990 Bruce Anderson
Music Credits: 1990 Bruce Anderson
Producer Credits: 2006 Bruce Anderson
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Performance Credits: 2006 Bruce Anderson
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Bruce composed "The Power of Light" in Indianapolis in 1990 for the young AIDS victim, Ryan White, after envisioning a new biophysics treatment for AIDS while Ryan was in the hospital adjacent to Bruce's lab at the Indiana University School of Medicine.

Bruce placed this lyric on Ryan's grave stone with the promise he would one day make an impact on the AIDS epidemic with the technology that emerged from Bruce's vision and Ryan's inspiration. After the most unorthodox, circuitous and inspirational wounded healer's journey explored on this music CD and on the photo page, that day is now fast approaching.

Story Behind the Song:
Bless you, Jeanne White-Ginder, and thank you for all you have achieved since then. As my gift to you, here is, "The Power of Light - in Memory of Ryan White."


Bruce Anderson

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When I'm holding my dreams for myself,
I put the power of love on the shelf,
But when I'm sharing my vision with you,
I know there's nothing that we cannot do,
I feel the power of light here with you,

All the people who toil in their fields,
They are grieving the pain that you feel,
Many have not been touched by the light,
And their lives are like walks in the night,
So I'm singing for them here tonight,


The power of light is pulling me forward,
The power of light is something to see,
When you think that you're broken,
Your last words are spoken,
There's one thing that you have to do,
Just know the power of light is in you,
The power of light is in you,
Just know the power of light is in you,

Ryan White you're a traveling soul,
Who's returning to pastures unknown,
Yet your spirit will soar up on high,
When you leave us here wondering why,
You will bathe in the power of light,

So don't grieve for you won't feel the loss,
It is we who lose you in the toss,
You have brought us together in love,
And we thank you for raising us up,
We feel the power of light here with you,


The power of light...