Bruce Anderson
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The Eagle Flies

Lyric Credits: 2008 Bruce Anderson
Music Credits: 2008 Bruce Anderson
Producer Credits: 2008 Bruce Anderson
Publisher Credits:
Performance Credits: 2008 Bruce Anderson
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Long Song Description:
Picking up from the last song, "The Moment of Truth," Bruce's biophysics treatment and dream guidance resulted in his returning to masters swimming competition to exemplify and dramatize his emerging recovery from Vioxx-induced congestive heart failure.

Bruce's first swimming meet back took place in Santa Cruz, California, where Bruce had dreamed in 1983 that his physician-inflicted heart failure ordeal would resolve. Therefore, the next song, "Santa Cruz," is self-explanatory.

Meanwhile, Bruce's unified field theory of biophysics explaining how he healed himself emerged in bold and final relief; also foreseen in his precognitive life dream described on the bio page.

Bruce once e-mailed quantum physicist Fred Alan Wolf and asked if he could help Bruce complete his water-based unified field theory explaining the unification of EM and gravity in the aqueous vortex, DNA and black holes. Fred responded that he "didn't have the time" and suggested Bruce read Fred's book, "The Eagle's Quest: A Physicist Finds the Scientific Truth at the Heart of the Shamanic World ."
Story Behind the Song:
Now Bruce is introducing his completed unified field theory explaining how he healed himself via consciousness amplification with his water-based biophysics technology achieving "localized cellular time reversal;" holographically projecting the scarred cellular mass backwards through space-time prior to infection or damage with a 4-D propagated graviton laser; the Spiral Violet 1.

Fred "didn't have the time." So Bruce "reversed time" and left Fred behind! "The Eagle Flies!"
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Rock-Easy Listening
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The Eagle Flies

You feel your strength growing every hour,
As the light restores the truth from the start,
Your hands and feet feel the glowing power,
As it courses through your veins to your heart,

Though no-one listens reversing time,
Is the path that must take 'til you fly,
The final stretch to the finish line,
Where you'll spread you wings and take to the sky,


Tonight the eagle flies,
The eagle flies,
Tonight the eagle flies,
The eagle flies,

Now leave behind all the grinding pain,
Moving on to your redemption to fly,
This was the cost of the pouring rain,
That you saved them from without asking why,

You took the chance and you rolled the dice
Took the gamble you would face down the lie,
You gave your life made the sacrifice,
Now you'll spread your wings and take to the sky,