Bruce Anderson
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The Voice of Water

Lyric Credits: ©2008 Bruce Anderson
Music Credits: ©2008 Bruce Anderson
Producer Credits: ©2008 Bruce Anderson
Publisher Credits:
Performance Credits: ©2008 Bruce Anderson
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Long Song Description:
In Homer's "Odyssey," Odysseus quests to return to his wife, Penelope, and his son, Telemachus, for ten years after the Trojan wars, then arrives disguised as a beggar to thwart Penelope's abusive suitors and restore his rightful place as the King of Ithaca.

How long will it take Bruce to return, currently also as a beggar, to at least see his family as he fires his arrows right between the eyes of Big Pharma? 17 years and counting...
Story Behind the Song:
"The real key to the final stage of the hero's journey is "the elixir." What does the hero bring back with him from the special world to share upon his return? Whether it's shared within the community or the audience, bringing back the elixir is the hero's final test. It proves he's been there, it serves as an example for others, and it shows above all that death can be overcome. The elixir may even have the power to restore life in the ordinary world."

-Christopher Vogler, "The Writer's Journey"

(gender modified for this context)
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Primary Genre:
Pop-Easy Listening
Secondary Genre:
The Voice of Water
(The Return)
lyrics and music
©2008 Bruce Anderson

She was an island girl with flowers in her hair,
He was a white boy through and through,
She didn't believe that he could be the one for her,
She didn't believe his foolish dreams would all come true,

Yet they lived a life together raised a family,
Until the blue sea took him away,
She didn't believe that it was God that called him home,
That he would return to her one day,


I am the voice of water,
Let the healing choice of water,
Flow through the wounds of time,
To guide you on your way,

I am the voice of water,
Come to free you,
Come to see you home dear,
The voice of water come to bring you home,
The look in her eyes she didn't know then what to say,
She'd left all her dreams of him behind,
He did't expect for her to fall then in his arms,
He didn't believe his love could heal the wounds of time,

But then in one moment all illusions fell away,
She knew all his visions had come true,
That he was the one who fell from grace to heal the world,
Enlighten the many not the few,