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Suzie Q.

Lyric Credits: 2008 Bruce Anderson
Music Credits: 2008 Bruce Anderson
Producer Credits: 2008 Bruce Anderson
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Performance Credits: 2008 Bruce Anderson
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"Suzie Q." was produced for Suzanne Soucy to keep her in good spirits as the Bruce raises funds for the research to assist with her burn scar treatment.

The same technique was used to regenerate the scarred heart tissue associated with Bruce's congestive heart failure. The Spiral Violet 1 does this by capturing the "disease state biophoton emissions" from the patient in water as a form of diagnosis, then phase reversing the encoded information, amplifying this "healing biophoton signal" and emitting it back to the patient.

This is analogous to homeopathy, but far more powerful with these biophysics amplification methods. This phase or "time-reversed" biophoton signal is then delivered holographically within the cells as what is termed "mitogenic radiation" with the ability to push the cellular structure backwards through its path of differentiation through space-time, prior to damage or infection.

"Localized cellular time reversal." Sound too kooky, Alice? As what is termed a "phase-conjugate mirror," this is how the human brain achieves spontaneous remission of cancer, etc., all on its own.

Bruce is just helping nature, rather than seeing which dies first, the cancer or the patient with radiation and chemotherapy. Bruce is not the first scientist to achieve this. Antoine Priore did it with a spinning plasma tube in France in the 1960's. Priore's device cost millions because he used a massive spinning plasma tube and an MRI-sized magnet. Bruce's device projects small plasma tube emissions through spinning water, similar to DNA, for greater efficiency and a tiny fraction of the cost. The Priore device was suppressed,as with Royal Rife's proven cure for cancer in the 1930's.

Story Behind the Song:
Wouldn't it be nice if we lived in a world where pharmaceutical terrorism didn't block these biophysics breakthroughs? Wouldn't it be nice if Suzie's children could see her face again? Bruce has already earned his purple heart in the trenches to prove that she can.

But as with the Vioxx and the death threats to Bruce's biophysics peers in France, the drug companies would rather take human life in the name of profits than see this come to fruition.

But once Bruce's knowledge is out, IT'S ALREADY TOO LATE, MERCK!

Suzie was in a coma for six months while they partially replaced her skin and kept her alive. But now traditional medicine can't help her any further. As featured on the photo page, Bruce has been seeking funding for this project for Suzie for the past decade since her near electrocution, while she is raising her three young boys in her disfigured and dysfunctional condition.

Suzie and Bruce have yet to be completely healed from their wounds, when all Bruce needs is to refine his technology in the laboratory to increase the efficiency of what has already proven effective theoretically and anecdotally through Bruce's heart regeneration and swimming recovery. However, the pharmaceutical milieu is designed to block any such efforts in biophysics research and just sell drugs, no matter what the cost to human life. Who will win, Merck or Bruce?

"If God be for me, nothing can prevail against me."

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Suzie Q. - We Love You
2008 Bruce Anderson

Here we could sit forever waiting for the sunshine,
Let the world of lucky winners pass us by,
But then we'd never ever make it to the red line,
To finish off a better story for our lives,

You know I saw the whole thing shining through my vision,
I'm never gonna let it go never give up,
Once a man of faith commits beyond the superstition,
There is no stopping him no random chance or luck,


Suzie Q. we're comin' for you,
There's nothing can bend or break us down,
Suzie Q. got nothin' to do,
We're comin' to take you on the town,

Suzie Q. we're showing the world,
The love and the light shines all around,
Suzie Q. the story unfurls,
Now don't let the plotline get you down,
We're painting the town,
Suzie Q.,
We love you,
Don't ever think I'd let you down I've spent a lifetime,
To make the vision true for you and then for me,
Let the world of disbelievers revel in their fun time,
The last laugh will be you and me for all to see,

We'll be dancing in the water tropic island sunshine,
Rolling in the money honey we'll achieve,
Spreading love throughout the world and bringing on the good times,
Far beyond what mind of man has yet conceived,