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Lyric Credits: ©2006 Bruce Anderson
Music Credits: ©2006 Bruce Anderson
Producer Credits: ©2006 Bruce Anderson
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Performance Credits: ©2006 Bruce Anderson
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Story Behind the Song:
Dahab is a song about the Egyptian tourist resort on the Red Sea on the path of Moses. As I experienced in Dahab during my first tourist visit in 1991, Dahab is a place of peaceful coexistence shared by the Bedouins, other Egyptians and tourists from Israel, Europe, America and the world.

I originally composed this song in 1991 after my first visit to Egypt and the Sinai. Then I re-produced it in 2006 after a terrorist bombing and gave it to the people of Dahab for moral support.

Dahab was the first song of mine to receive radio airplay in the United States. This was with a station in Scottsdale, Arizona, like Spielberg's first movies. ;o)

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Pop-Easy Listening
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Lyrics and Music
by Bruce Anderson
© 2006

Egyptian fantasy in a lullaby,
Away from Cairo's streets and prying eyes,
The Sinai meets the sea where my mind swims free,
The rolling trees and ocean,
Gathering my heart's devotion,

The Bedouin children colors that laugh and sing,
The bracelets that they sell,
The joy they bring,
It tempts me just to throw away everything,
And hearken to a simpler life,
And leave behind my strain and strife,


Dahab I know you've captured me,
Life on the rocks in the cool Red Sea,
Dahab the place where I could be,
The place that pulls me under,
The place that pulls me under,
Israeli beauties strolling along the shore,
Israeli boys whose charms they can't ignore,
The romance floods the restaurants out on the beach,
Amidst the ambience and laughter,
I found the one true love I'm after,

So when there's darkness coming to drag you down,
When there's no hope with sadness all around,
Remember Dahab then and you'll break a smile,
Let love and peace along the ocean,
Restore in you a new emotion,