Bruce Anderson
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Lyric Credits: © 2006 Bruce Anderson
Music Credits: © 2006 Bruce Anderson
Producer Credits: © 2006 Bruce Anderson
Publisher Credits:
Performance Credits: © 2006 Bruce Anderson
Label Credits:
Short Song Description:
This is a booming apocalyptic orchestral piece. The end of the world as we know it won't come until everybody wakes up and learns how to love unconditionally!
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Secondary Genre:
The forces may gather there on Armageddon day,
The Russian and Chinese armies headed for the fray,
The Muslims and Jews decide to battle to the wall,
This planet we live on is too small,

The black and the white man think the world is never gray,
But when left alone their children laugh and sing and play,
The Indian smokes the pipe of peace for this disease,
Now people of earth get on your knees,
And pray,


Pray that the night will never fall,
Pray that the heavens hear your call,
Pray that the light shines through it all,
Pray that love will conquer all,

The companies run our lives like hamsters in the mill,
The drugs running rampant as they advertise the pill,
Corruption will eat your soul if you don't beat it down,
The government fails and plays the clown,

Now you're gonna drown if you don't learn to sink or swim,
But there is an answer coming forth from deep within,
The spirit of change is rising now to save the day,
Now people you've got to find the way,
And pray,