Bruce Anderson
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The Bridge

Lyric Credits: © 2006 Bruce Anderson
Music Credits: © 2006 Bruce Anderson
Producer Credits: © 2006 Bruce Anderson
Publisher Credits:
Performance Credits: © 2006 Bruce Anderson
Label Credits:
Short Song Description:
Long Song Description:
An archetypal prophetic exploration of a unified Jacobean/Amfortas hip wound motif.

Jacob, the heart of Israel, crosses the bridge from his hip wound struggle, the "time of Jacob's trouble" and tribulation, to his healing and enlightenment.
Story Behind the Song:
Song Length:
Primary Genre:
Spoken Word-Poetry
Secondary Genre:
Awakened in a dream to find the truth within,
So many years believed I'd overcome my sin,
Wrestled then with angels inflicting deeper wounds,
Than I had earned for I became a vessel for all tombs,

Finding hell was not my fate though spiritually I was lost,
I realized my brush with death would help all pay the cost,
My wounded hip then symbolized the sexual sins of man,
My broken heart would build the bridge to help you understand,

That man and woman were created to bring each other joy,
There is no sin to share the love between a girl and boy,
What once was scarlet I've washed clean though many won't approve,
I'll open up their minds once more and then their hearts will move,

Beyond the hatred in this world that separates God's love,
I must transcend the lesser views to join all to the dove,
So have no fear as I become all things to all who yearn,
Just learn to love all people now and let your fire burn,

Because I've walked into the fire of pain to share my love,
I've built the bridge from me to you to heaven up above,
Relinquish now your deepest fear my friend and take my hand,
Then we will walk across the bridge into the promised land,

Across the bridge of love to where there is no more despair,
Across the bridge of light you'll find me waiting there,
Across the bridge of hope now let all hatred cease,
Across the bridge of truth all of God's children live in peace...