Bruce Anderson
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Consider The Cost

Lyric Credits: 2006 Bruce Anderson
Music Credits: 2006 Bruce Anderson
Producer Credits: 2006 Bruce Anderson
Publisher Credits:
Performance Credits: 2006 Bruce Anderson
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Short Song Description:
"Consider the Cost" is about the spiritual cost of harming others, whether you think you've gotten away with something or not. The same principle applies to hypocritical judgment, hatred and violence in the name of religion.
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If you live your life without true human understanding,
What's the point of all the toys that all your money buys,
And if you don't extend yourself to others with compassion,
Don't you think that God is watching all your greed and lies?

In the wind and the rain and your joy and your pain,
You can feel his presence shining,
So why diminish your brother and pick on each other,
As if he isn't there?

Once a man believes in love that's shining from the heavens,
He decides it isn't worth the cost to harm another soul,
Just to get ahead by beating down upon the will of others,
Moving backwards on his path as his illusions dig that hole,

In the rise and the fall and the writing on the wall,
You see the pattern there repeating,
So why repeat the mistakes that your parents have made,
When you're headed for that fall,

If the trumpets were to sound on judgment day and you were sleeping,
Have you done the best you could to join the chorus and applaud?
Not by spouting words that sound so good yet often lack true meaning,
But by giving love to those in need when no-one's watching but your God,

He doesn't judge your beliefs or your creed,
For he created everything under the shining heavens,
He just wants you to love and consider the cost,
Of harming just one soul,

Consider the cost,
Consider the season,
When everything's lost,
Consider the reason,

Consider the joy,
Consider the love,
Consider the laws that govern above,
Consider the cost,