Bruce Anderson
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It's the Love

Lyric Credits: 2006 Bruce Anderson
Music Credits: 2006 Bruce Anderson
Producer Credits: 2006 Bruce Anderson
Publisher Credits:
Performance Credits: 2006 Bruce Anderson
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Short Song Description:
This groovy tune from "The Creation" CD is an anthem for the homeless, to remind the rest of us that it ain't about the money, people! "It's the Love," and where the love is, the money and the solutions will follow.
Long Song Description:
Story Behind the Song:
In 2007, Bruce Anderson was appointed president of the Eden Foundation that once took him in during his illness, a non-profit dedicated to serving the housing needs of the homeless and disabled.

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Primary Genre:
Secondary Genre:
You say you're feeling down and lonely,
You think you'll never get to win or take the cake,
I'm here to say that love's not only,
For the winners in the world who catch a break,

For they don't know what we have been through,
While they're cashing in their homes and fancy cars,
And they don't see how love shines on you,
For the ones with nothing but the moon and stars,


So if you look outside among the stars tonight,
Remember God is watching you here all your life,
And it's not the homes the deeds or fancy cars,
It's the love he's sending you way beyond Mars,

It's the love,
We've got to find a way to work it,
You know there's just far too much suffering in the world,
The ones on top don't seem to know it,
That we're all brothers and sisters boys and girls,

So I have come here for your pleasure,
Though there's many places I could be tonight,
To let you know love beyond measure,
Is the only thing you need here to take flight,


It's the love...