Bruce Anderson
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The Night Sea Journey

Lyric Credits: 2005 Bruce Anderson
Music Credits: 2005 Bruce Anderson
Producer Credits: 2005 Bruce Anderson
Publisher Credits:
Performance Credits: 2005 Bruce Anderson
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Short Song Description:
The Night Sea Journey is a Jungian concept of the dark night of the soul preparing the indivdual for spiritual rebirth and enlightenment. The lyric emphasizes the contribution of my primary relationship to this process.
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Secondary Genre:
This ocean of fear won't come between us,
The waves on this sea can't knock us down,
This vessel that we've prepared before the dawn of time,
Will sail beyond this dark horizon found,

A vision prepared me for this crossing,
Knew you were the one to guide me through,
Now let the winds blow throughout this frightful stormy night,
I'll face anything to be with you,


The night sea journey carves this path upon my soul,
Yet you are here to shine your light and see me through,
The night sea journey to the morning of the dawn,
To where I'll share the secret I have kept from you,

The night sea journey will reveal the greater truth,
That I believe will set us free from fear and strife,
The night sea journey sent me home to be with you,
To see my vision through right here with you my wife,

Beyond the night sea journey of my life,


The mast once had broken in between us,
The winds were all gone and I was through,
I didn't believe I'd ever find you in the mist,
My soul then had to die to be with you,

But then in the darkest hour of twilight,
This music of love dispelled my fear,
The rebirth of joy restored my vision in the night,
Then I found your sweet love was waiting here,