Bruce Anderson
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The Time is Now

Lyric Credits: 2005 Bruce Anderson
Music Credits: 2005 Bruce Anderson
Producer Credits: 2005 Bruce Anderson
Publisher Credits:
Performance Credits: 2005 Bruce Anderson
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Long Song Description:
This is the post on Facebook where I intended to send my friends, but it sent you directly here."The Time is Now," my environmental protest song from 2005. I suppose, like most of my music, it was a little ahead of its time and therefore no-one listened. I'll share a little each day and see if anyone listens now. As I'm primarily a songwriter and not a performer, these are all composition synth demos in various genres from rock and roll to orchestral to smooth jazz. So try to imagine these performed by professionals and let me know what you think about the underlying song itself. This one is as close to old school rock and roll as a pianist playing the guitar on the keys can muster. Check out the closing instrumentals.

Be safe out there. Mother Nature is fighting back and "The Time is Now" to determine if we are to rise or fall to the occasion.

Story Behind the Song:
Bruce Anderson is an immunologist and biophysicist published in the "The Journal of Virology" on the emerging respiratory viruses. Bruce personally developed the first blood test for the Four Corners hantavirus respiratory distress syndrome, which emerged from the Hopi reservation in Arizona in the mid-1990's. Bruce developed his Spiral Violet 1 biophysics or energy medicine technology,both for anti-viral treatment and lung tissue regeneration, post-pneumononia.The breakthrough quantum gravity principles Bruce is introducing involve emitting time reversed waves from water, projecting the cells and tissues bakwards through their peth of differenitation through space-time, "prior" to damage or infection.

Bruce's work was suppressed by Big Pharma threats against Bruce's lab peers in France. Bruce has been warning our society about what's coming for more than a decade, his work remains underfunded and he was working on a talk series at CMAC Television in Fresno, CA when the coronavirus emerged. Therefore, Bruce will be stepping up fundraising efforts in the service of humanity. More of the story at, for which this site is the back office.
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The mockingbird and the nightingale,
The antelope and the great blue whale,
They have the right to live here on this earth,

Without a question to wonder why,
The benefactors of earth and sky,
A value beyond financial worth,

We have to try,
To keep the blue in the sky,
To keep the green in the trees,
The oceans clean and full of life,

We have to give,
To all the creatures who live,
Here in our midst,
Though we're blind to see,
The damage that we cannot allow,


The time is now,
The time is now,
To save the earth,
To save ourselves,
We may be dying,

The time is now,
The time is now,
The reasons why we don't awaken,

The time is now,
The time is now,
The greatest height,
The darkest night,
We're now deciding,

The time is now,
The time is now,
Make up your minds,
There's no more time,
The time is now,

The Palestinian and the Jew,
The black and white and the red man too,
We all desire to live as one in peace,

But we must turn to the higher mind,
Give of ourselves and respond in kind,
Respecting the greatest and the least,

We have to try,
To reach on up to the sky,
Leave foolish judgment behind,
And lift this world to higher ground,

We have to live,
With different people and give,
To those who suffer,
Or we may one day find,
Our world has burned to the ground,


The time is now...