Bruce Anderson
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You've Gotta Believe

Lyric Credits: 2005 Bruce Anderson
Music Credits: 2005 Bruce Anderson
Producer Credits: 2005 Bruce Anderson
Publisher Credits: 2005 Bruce Anderson
Performance Credits: 2005 Bruce Anderson
Label Credits:
Short Song Description:
I wrote this pop song for the homeless people of Fresno, California and the rest of the world. This song expands from the theme of overcoming hardship in our own lives, to helping those who are suffering, to coming together in peace globally.
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Male Vocal
If you can't beat the heat in summer,
The sun bares down on you all day,
And if your dreams should fall when all the leaves are brown,
And you can't find a better way,

Then when the winter comes your locked out in the cold,
You think you're going to die as if you're growing old,
The spring will come to lift your spirit off the ground,
If you believe,

You've gotta believe,

There's people on the streets and suffering all around,
Please open your eyes for me,
They need a little help and comfort when they're down,
It's not that hard to see,

For you may be the one that's down and out one day,
And if by chance your dreams are lost and blown away,
You'd want someone to reach beyond that great divide,
To help you believe,

You've gotta believe,

Now around the world let's sing a better tune,
With voices that agree,
The nations and the creeds must come together soon,
To solve the mystery,

That just one God has put us on this planet here,
So we must learn to love and overcome our fear,
To prove to him we're worthy of that divine love,
We've gotta believe,

You've gotta believe,

Believe in the love,
Believe in the light,
Believe in the sun that's shining bright,

Believe in the spring,
Believe in the fall,
Believe in the winter after all,

Believe in the earth,
Believe in the trees,
Believe I will get down on my knees,
To get you to say,
You're coming my way,

You've gotta believe...