Bruce Anderson
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We Will Take Flight

Lyric Credits: 2009 Bruce Anderson
Music Credits: 2009 Bruce Anderson
Producer Credits: 2009 Bruce Anderson
Publisher Credits:
Performance Credits: 2009 Bruce Anderson
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Short Song Description:

Long Song Description:
"We Will Take Flight" is a fun lyric with piano-based R & B and three part harmony.
Story Behind the Song:
Bruce composed and produced this before he met La Sette, when he only knew her Yahoo profile screen name, "Marelda," short for "Esmarelda."
Song Length:
Primary Genre:
R & B-Contemporary
Secondary Genre:
We Will Take Flight
lyrics and music
by Bruce Anderson

Marelda was dancing one fine day beside the sea,
Jonah the whale coughed up her dreamboat set her free,
They're sailing around the world on her dream clipper ship,
Dancing at heaven's gate and praying they won't trip,

See Brucie the shark was cruising that day for her love,
The day she arrived he was so hungry for that dove,
Snappin' his fingers he found he just couldn't bite,
Why in the world lose such a fine thing in his sight,


When you believe in love so true,
Illusions pass away from you,
And when you know the heart is right,
You'll dance together sharks won't bite,

Marelda come away with me,
Our honeymoon of destiny,
The shark and dove will soon take flight,
Beyond the stormy night,

We will take flight,
We will take flight,
We wiil take flight,
We will take flight,

A breeze on the ocean waves a seagull in the sky,
Nothing compares to how you make my spirit fly,
Though I was a shark alone there hunting in the sea,
Your love has transformed me now we're making history,

I'm gonna hold you in my arms and break the tide,
I'm gonna' take you on that big bad magic carpet ride,
I'm gonna rock your world and set your spirit free,
Baby girl hold me close be all that we can be,