Bruce Anderson
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I Found Your Love

Lyric Credits: 2009 Bruce Anderson
Music Credits: 2009 Bruce Anderson
Producer Credits: 2009 Bruce Anderson
Publisher Credits:
Performance Credits: 2009 Bruce Anderson
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"I Found Your Love" is easy listening pop rock with some unique preppy white boy rap derived from another song Bruce originally composed and produced during his original visions in 1990, "A Freshman in Paris." The point being those original song lyrics were prophetic and have been fulfilled over and over gain over the years.
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Pop-Easy Listening
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I Found Your Love
lyrics and music
by Bruce Anderson

The sun went down where the water was found,
My baby set it on the sea,
The stars rose high to the milky way sky,
She spread her love all over me,

When the sun came up above her love,
She set our boat upon the waves,
To the setting sun our love has just begun,
Now everyday I am amazed,


I found your love,
Rockababy flight of the dove,
I found you here in me,
No more blind secrecy,

I found your love,
Rockababy sealed with a kiss,
Now your sweet love I miss,
I found your love,
What the future holds for my baby and me,
No wizard's magic can conceive,
The alchemists and the prophets of old,
Don't have a clue what we believe,

No wise man reasons the power of love,
To set your spirit on the sea,
This man and wife will soar beyond all strain and strife,
Alleviating we're set free,


Though I felt you in my guiding dreams of youth,
Can't find the words to help you see,
That I'll be here for the rest of my days it's true,
Together baby we're set free,

All my tomorrows lead me back you,
There's nothing else that I can do,
Open your heart and send them here right back to me,
I'll be your love forever true,


A Freshman in Paris
inserted rap lyric
by Bruce Anderson 1990

Now if I only knew the words to say to you,
Perhaps you'd hold me tight and make my dreams come true,
For though I'm just a freshman from a stateside school,
I've studied many things that I could share with you,

Don't get me wrong I've never been in love before,
I guess I've waited wanting something more,
But when I hear those words of love pour from your lips so red,
The melody of love is dancing circles through my head,


Now can't you feel my lonely heart is seeking greater things,
Than making love a brief farewell the emptiness in brings,
And can't you tell from my caress that I have distant plans,
That flow beyond the summer's end in gay Parisian lands,

Beyond the Eiffel Tower or the Champs Elysees to me,
We have touched forever and let it set us free,
And even though I haven't studied well to know Parisian words,
I pray to God my lonely thoughts have somehow still been heard,