Bruce Anderson
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The Tales of Atlantis

Lyric Credits: Bruce Anderson 1990
Music Credits: Bruce Anderson 1990
Producer Credits: Bruce anderson 2008
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Performance Credits: Bruce Anderson 2008
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Long Song Description:
Smooth jazz before the flood. ;o) The Tales of Atlantis is a morality tale for us to consider where our civilization is headed as we transition to our own solar age of enlightenment.

Bruce first composed this during the original vision of his biophysics technology in 1990. Then he handed the lyric to Edgar Cayce's grandson, Charles Thomas Cayce, then director of the Association for Research and Enlightenment, at the Great Pyramid in Egypt in 1998, a probable remnant of Atlantean technology. Edgar Cayce describes Atlantis as the antedeluvian society in the Atlantic upon which the myths of Eden and Noah's flood are based, a high spiritual and technological society we have the opportunity to restore in our time if we can learn from the lessons of the fall.
Story Behind the Song:
Now Bruce is introducing the final unified field theory in physics, including his pyramidal biophysics technology envisioned in 1990 and refined in response to his trip to Egypt. "The Tales of Atlantis." Go figure.

As Bruce is picking up and carrying forward the spiritual and scientific vision of Francis Bacon, author of "The New Atlantis," it's interesting to note that in Bacon's book, he predicted the invention of the music synthesizer. Bruce recorded all of the music on this website with a synth he bought off Ebay for $500 while still on disability, a Mac Mini and a microphone.

Since purchasing that keyboard to comfort himself on his presumed death bed, Bruce has produced human rights music on it that he has performed live, on radio, on television and in his music video "Ashraf City," broadcast to millions of people in Iran and worldwide.

This also resulted in an ongoing invitation to Paris, France, where Bruce supports the Iranian resistance with his music along with his friend, composer/conductor Muhammad Shams at the Paris Symphony Orchestra.

"Where it's at, two turn tables and a microphone." -Beck
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Pop-Easy Listening
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The Tales of Atlantis
Bruce Anderson 2008

West of the Straits of Gibraltar,
Deep within sprawling coral reefs,
There's a place filled with silver and laced,
With gold beyond belief,

Forbidden relics of a long forgotten age,
To the god of the sun they belonged,
The world was their stage,
But after reaching a rich and good life,
They turned from the vision that conquered their strife,


The tales of Atlantis are no mystery,
The crashed on the water and burned in the sea,
The question before you is not "if" or
Would you let it happen again?

They lived the myths of the Grecians,
Fairly Plato describes their fame,
Far beyond what the scholars would think,
They harnessed flight and flame,

But as they climbed into their high technology,
The crystals of power and the ray energy,
They turned away from the god of the sun,
Who tore them asunder for what they had done,