Bruce Anderson
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The Very Last Day

Lyric Credits: 2009 Bruce Anderson
Music Credits: 2009 Bruce Anderson
Producer Credits: 2009 Bruce Anderson
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Performance Credits: 2009 Bruce Anderson
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Long Song Description:
A smooth jazz Shakespearian white boy rap song, crooning about finding the woman of my dreams online. ;o)
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Pop-Easy Listening
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The Very Last Day
(that I didn't know you)
lyrics and music
by Bruce Anderson
It was the very last day that I didn't know you,
I was ready to play I had nothin' to do,
But respond to your likeness with my rhythm and rhyme,
To bring your lovin' on home makin' love all the time,

Never tried to seduce no I'm not a loose Bruce,
When I saw your sweet face I had to get in the race,
What a waste it would seem in a city of fools,
To let your sweet lovin' go I gotta break all the rules,

I'm a bad boy for your love no it isn't a fake,
Wouldn't steal your heart make a bad mistake,
Cause I've seen forever in the light of your eyes,
Now I'm lost in your love and we'll take to the skies,

Like I've seen it before while we're fallin' in love,
With the heat of the lion and the wings of the dove,
Many lives are at stake if our love should refrain,
Gotta' bring you on home alleviate my pain,
Babe I'm achin' for you like the wound in my heart,
Though I know I'm a fool and it's only a start,
Wanna make love forever in the light of your eyes,
As the lion awakens and the songbird flies,

Can't you see that it's true while I'm rhymin' for you,
There's a much bigger picture with my lovin' for you,
Wanna hold you forever wanna make you my bride,
With the stars in the heavens and the rise of the tide,

If the rings of Saturn were restored to your grace,
Their light couldn't compare to your glowing face,
If the trident of Neptune quit to rule the sea,
Then the waves on the ocean they would all agree,

That the healing waters of your sweet caress,
Are my only medicine, lioness,
So let the waters flow through the wounds of time,
And we'll heal the world with our worldly climb,
There's a secret that's hidden in our lovin' you see,
Fairy tales are unbidden but their knowledge is free,
Like the minotaur's fury beauty and the beast,
Babe we've just gotta try to return to the feast,

Let enlightenment's glory be our loving cause,
As we reach for the heavens with the lions' paws,
We will roar with the lions we will swim in the sea,
But illusions will flee us when our spirits are free,

Now return to the master you have known in your dreams,
This is not an illusion all is as it seems,
I have seen you before I will see you again,
As our love returns I will be your friend,

I've been searching for you from my sleepless state,
As my dreams would awaken to our loving fate,
I've been crying and hurting with the ache in my soul,
Baby now that I've found you I'm your man for the role,
Have you felt the sweet sickness for the man of your dreams,
Do you know who I am more than what it seems,
Are you seeking to find the destiny of fate,
Did you think I'm not coming when it grew so late,

There's a funny illusion when your thinking in time,
Brings a greater confusion in the world of the blind,
So we have to be freed from illusions you see,
So our minds can be happy and spiritually free,

But that freedom is broken when you're not by my side,
Many lives we have spoken many years we have cried,
So I made a decision I must fight for your love,
In a world of suitors not from heaven above,

And I gathered my strength to make my true lovin' known,
That you'll never be happy with my voice on the phone,
We have to make our love real nothing else we can do,
On the very last day that I didn't know you...