Bruce Anderson
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I'm Coming Home to You

Lyric Credits: 2009 Bruce Anderson
Music Credits: 2009 Bruce Anderson
Producer Credits: 2009 Bruce Anderson
Publisher Credits:
Performance Credits: 2009 Bruce Anderson
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Long Song Description:
Thinking he may have found the woman from his predictive dreams and visions, Bruce begins composing music with La Sette's name in most of the lyrics.
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Primary Genre:
Pop-Easy Listening
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I'm Coming Home to You
lyrics and music
by Bruce Anderson

La Sette the night was long that led me home to you,
La Sette the tide was strong I fought it back for two,
La Sette the strength I've gained has come to set us free,
To claim our loving destiny,

La Sette now girl can't you see the writing's on the wall,
La Sette we'll build our castles high we'll never fall,
La Sette please take my hand we'll set out on the sea,
To make forever history,


Many kingdoms rise and fall,
Our love will see us through it all,
La Sette I'm coming home to you,

And if you wonder who I am,
I'll simply do the best I can,
La Sette I'm coming home to you,
La Sette the dreams of future planets in the skies,
Pale by the moonlit glow of Venus in your eyes,
La Sette the glistening of the sun upon the snow,
Could not compare your afterglow,

La Sette illusions fill this world with fear and dread,
La Sette they haven't seen the waters in your head,
La Sette we have to teach them how to let it flow,
So they will be and they will know,


La Sette I know you've felt me coming in your dreams,
A fool for your love is not just only what he seems,
La Sette the time has come reveal the truth in time,
To take our place in love sublime,

La Sette forever is a tick away in time,
La Sette please hold me close the future's on the line,
La Sette your sweet embrace has come to set me free,
To set my soul upon the sea,