Bruce Anderson
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Ocean Breeze

Lyric Credits: 2009 Bruce Anderson
Music Credits: 2009 Bruce Anderson
Producer Credits: 2009 Bruce Anderson
Publisher Credits:
Performance Credits: 2009 Bruce Anderson
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Long Song Description:
Further detailing Bruce's vision of his coming new relationship, "Ocean Breeze" is a slow R & B groove with romantic poetry, smooth rap in Paris, a jazz piano solo and some Barry Whiticisms to seal the deal. ;o)
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Primary Genre:
R & B-Contemporary
Secondary Genre:
Ocean Breeze
lyrics and music
by Bruce Anderson

She comes like a breeze,
Blowing straight through my heart,
You know it's just a start,

She's veiled in the mist,
Ocean waves upon the sea,
Let her sweet love flow through me,


Ocean breeze,
Won't you please wash over me,
Cleanse these wounds inside,
And cast them on the sea,

Ocean breeze,
Hold your love here close to me,
Let us explore the mystery,
Ocean breeze,
She dreams like the wind,
Driving hard in the storm,
Riding fierce beyond the norm,

She sees like a god,
Goddess won't you please be mine,
Beyond this space and time,

soft rap voice over:

I had a dream at midnight my midnight dream was you,
Nothing I could say or make right nothing I could do,
To help you understand my heart was struck right then so true,
Enlightened by my grateful spirit when I beheld you too,

Strolling by the Seine of romance in our enchanted world,
For we had found our new love Eiffle Tower unfurled,
Making love at midnight beyond this world it seemed,
When you had stepped across the sea my midsummer night's dream,


Piano solo:
Rockababy Rockababy,
I'm coming for you,
I'm coming for you,
Where have you been all my life through the strain and the strife,

Rockababy Rockababy ,
I'm out of my mind,
I'm out of my mind,
Nothing to do in this life without you by my side,

Rockabay Rockababy,
You're healing my heart,
You're healing my heart,
It's just a start...