Bruce Anderson
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Ashraf City

Lyric Credits: 2010 Bruce Anderson
Music Credits: 2010 Bruce Anderson
Producer Credits: 2010 Bruce Anderson
Performance Credits: 2010 Bruce Anderson
Long Song Description:
At the request of Iran National Television, Bruce produced an inspirational orchestral version of this song for a music video Bruce and his Iranian friend Javid filmed in San Francisco, in turn broadcast to an audience of 15 million households in Iran and worldwide.

Bruce produced this pop rock version with the same vocal and a new voice-over for the "Ahmadinejad Out!" rally in New York City on September 25, 2010, where Rudy Giuliani also spoke in support of Rajavi and the Iranian resistance.
Story Behind the Song:
The song, "Ashraf City," is based on a speech given by Dr. Alejo Vidal-Quadras, the Spanish Vice President of the European Parliament, in support of the 3,400 Iranian resistance members who reside in the now besieged city of Ashraf, who are under threat of extradition from Iraq to Iran, where they may be harmed by the Islamic regime of the mullahs.

Ashraf City is therefore a symbol of the resolve of the Iranian people to overcome the forces of oppression and tyranny and achieve universal human rights, freedom and democracy.
Song Length:
Primary Genre:
Pop-Easy Listening
Secondary Genre:
World-Middle Eastern
Ashraf city is a smile behind tears flowing through the years,
Ashraf city is a shelter from storm conquering all fears,
Ashraf city is the shade bearing truth under summer sun,
Ashraf city is all flowers in desert blooming as one,

Ashraf city,
Ashraf city,

Ashraf city is a boat of hope breaking through wave's despair,
Ashraf city is a seagull in flight finding land from thin air,
Ashraf city is a strong moral standard now standing firm,
A moral reference now let the whole world affirm,

Ashraf city,
Ashraf city,
Ashraf city,
Ashraf city...