Bruce Anderson
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Viva Rajavi

Lyric Credits: 2005 Bruce Anderson
Music Credits:
Producer Credits: 2005 Bruce Anderson
Publisher Credits:
Performance Credits: 2005 Bruce Anderson
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Story Behind the Song:
Only by finding common ground with the Islamic moderates may the west help solve the global dilemma of a clash of cultures.

Bruce composed the poem, "Viva Rajavi" after hearing the political leader of the Iranian resistance movement, Maryam Rajavi, speak at a convention in Washington D.C. on April 14, 2005. The next day, Bruce recited the poem on Iran NTV broadcast worldwide and was invited to speak at the next convention in Huntington Beach, California.

Bruce opted instead to perform his human rights music, "Time for Revolution," composed and produced for Rajavi and the resistance.

Since then, Bruce has met with Maryam Rajavi in Paris and traveled to Iranian resistance conventions to spread his message.

Song Length:
Primary Genre:
Spoken Word-Politics
Secondary Genre:
Viva Rajavi
lyrics and music
by Bruce Anderson

A man who knew nothing of the Iranian plight,
Flew on a plane to Washington last night,
A friend of a friend who asked for advice,
He simply thought the trip would be nice,

They arrived in the morning and found a good place,
To sit and then listen to the Iranian case,
Against the blind mullahs who fail to see,
That love is the answer when all people are free,

Their murder and mayhem raised tears in this man's eyes,
For he didn't know of their greed and their lies,
That the people of Iran seek like us to be free,
From hatred and fear and oppression's disease,

Then Maryam Rajavi took the podium to say,
Beyond war and appeasement is the better way,
Though he didn't know Farsi while hearing her words,
The fire in her eyes shined her message was heard,

There in this room many people had gathered,
The Muslims and Buddhists and Christians that mattered,
Who all know these fundamentalist hypocrites of hate,
Will one day bow down and face a dark fate,

For the prophets of love never taught this blind rage,
For their disastrous fall now the mullahs set the stage,
The world will speak up many voices as one,
From the Middle East and West we have only begun,

This chance for Iran could bring peace to the region,
The reasons for this are so many and legion,
But now at this time American people don't know,
Like the man who came here before seeing this show,

So now he's committed to enlightening his world,
In hopes that this gesture will help peace unfurl,
And extends only love to the people of Iran,
For his new friends in need he'll do all that he can,

Now let him show you what he feels in his heart,
As he thinks about what he can do from the start,
This is what I will carry from now on within me,
Until all the people of Iran are set free,

Viva Rajavi,
Viva Rajavi,
Viva Rajavi

After reciting this on Iran NTV in Washington, a man came up to me with a quote from one of the museums written on a piece of paper. He said it looked like the following quote and my poem were written by the same person.

"Enlighten the people generally and tyranny and oppressions of body and mind will vanish like evil spirits at the dawn of day."

-Thomas Jefferson, 1816