Bruce Anderson
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Time for Revolution

Lyric Credits: 2005 Bruce Anderson
Music Credits: 2005 Bruce Anderson
Producer Credits: 2005 Bruce Anderson
Publisher Credits:
Performance Credits: 2005 Bruce Anderson
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Short Song Description:
Pop Iranian revolutionary support.
Long Song Description:
Story Behind the Song:
Bruce produced this song in response to an inspiring speech made by Maryam Rajavi, president of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, at the first Iranian resistance convention Bruce attended in Washington D.C. in 2005.

The first performance, broadcast live at the Huntington Beach Hilton to five million Iranian households worldwide, received a roaring standing ovation, resulting in an invitation to the next convention in Paris, where Mrs. Rajavi invited Bruce to a VIP dinner in her home complex to discuss Bruce's music and the future of a free Iran. This woman is Jefferson personified for her people and our people need to understand that and rally to her cause in pursuit of freedom and democracy.

Bruce has since spread his music supporting Rajavi's anti-fundamentalist message at her NCRI conventions, rallies and in music videos, culminating in Bruce's music video, "Ashraf City," for the former refugee community in Iraq, delivering his intercultural healing plan for the female Muslim burn victims of the NCRI in Paris to 15 million households in Iran and worldwide, as a Gnostic Christian mystic, immunologist and biophysicist in their support. See the video page.

As explored on this website, due to Big Pharma terrorist activity threatening and taking the lives of Bruce's fellow biophysicists in the U.S. and France, Bruce's breakthrough biophysics technology, also for the treatment of Bruce's own heart disease, AIDS, cancer and now the novel coronavirus, is currently suppressed and his work unfunded. Meanwhile, Bruce has a TV project in pre-production, "The Voice of Water," to introduce his plan to take on both Big Pharma and the mullahs simultaneously, same problem and healing principles rendering them obsolete, TIME FOR REVOLUTION!

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Time for Revolution
lyrics and music
by Bruce Anderson

The people of Iran can see,
It's time for rising up making history,
It's time for revolution,

The mullahs can't keep holding down,
The people seeking freedom where it is found,
It's time for revolution,

Now open up your heart and mind,
You know your destiny's coming now in time,
It's time for revolution,

It's time to take the mullahs down,
Banished from the earth now without a sound,
It's time for revolution,


I'm here to say that you're on your way,
Nothing they can do to destroy all your love,
Now employ all the strength you have inside,

Know we'll be right there by your side,
No the mullahs can't hide,
From the wave that's riding,
Wave that's riding,
Wave that's riding high,

It's time for revolution,

We hear your call around the world,
We seek the day when your freedom will unfurl,
It's time for revolution,

By choosing love as we can see,
All good people yearn right now to be free,
It's time for revolution,

So very soon my friends you'll find,
That God is with you blessing you all the time,
It's time for revolution,

He sent his prophets here in love,
Now hypocrites must face the truth from above,
It's time for revolution,


No more lies,
No more greed,
No more corruption,
No more hypocrisy,

No more murder,
No more mayhem,
No more torture,
No more death,
No more fear,

Only love,
Only love,
Only love,
Only love,

It's time for revolution...