Bruce Anderson
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The Millennial Process

Lyric Credits: 2006 Bruce Anderson
Music Credits: 2006 Bruce Anderson
Producer Credits: 2006 Bruce Anderson
Publisher Credits:
Performance Credits: 2006 Bruce Anderson
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Long Song Description:
The Millennial Process is Bruce's rallying theme song during his emerging triumph over the corrupt pharmaceutical industry and the limitations of traditional allopathic medicine. Watch for Bruce's publication of "The Unified Field Theory of Biophysics."

The Millennial Process was Carl Jung's description of the transition from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius that we are now passing through. This will involve the spiritual transformation of the global society.
Story Behind the Song:
When I had my life dream in 1983 predicting my iatrogenic (physician-inflicted) heart attacks and healing the pharmaceutical damage through biophysics, I was taking a class in dreaming and reading Jung's autobiography.
Song Length:
Primary Genre:
New Age-Neo Classical
Secondary Genre:
The Millennial Process

Lyrics and Music
by Bruce Anderson

It's the millennial process,
The dawning of the age,
And it burns me inside,
When I see them hide,
The fear and the rage,

I gave them the answer,
But they threw it away,
Now what will they do,
When it passes through,
What price will they pay,


Now they think that they've left my ideas behind,
But one day so soon they will wake up and find,
That to live in the light is their true destiny,
Very soon they'll come crying to me,


I'm a Jungian Jungian,
Living in a Freudian world,
I'm a holy man of mystery,
Giving medical minds my special twirl,

I'm a Jungian Jungian,
Watch my ideas unfurl,
Because if I am right,
I'll be out of sight,

Changing changing changing changing,
Changing the world,
Changing the world,
Changing the world,
Changing the world,

I've laid down the tarot,
And I spied the ching,
I'm waiting to see,
The new century,
I know what it brings,

I have risen among them,
I have born a new life,
Now I'm lighting the way,
So they will not pay,
With blind terror and strife,