Bruce Anderson
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Reversing Time - Through the Looking Glass

Lyric Credits: 2008 Bruce Anderson
Music Credits: 2008 Bruce Anderson
Producer Credits: 2008 Bruce Anderson
Publisher Credits:
Performance Credits: 2008 Bruce Anderson
Label Credits:
Short Song Description:
Dreamy lyrical smooth jazz with bubbling water reversing time...
Long Song Description:
Lewis Carroll's "Through the Looking Glass" is said to be based on the esoteric intricacies of quantum physics and relativity. During the original vision of his unified field theory and water-based "phase-conjugate mirror" technology in a lab at the Indiana University School of Medicine, Bruce entered into an alternate reality similar to Alice or "Neo" in "The Matrix," emerging with a new perspective of the nature of reality, space, time and consciousness. This song is a poetic allusion to that experience and the eventual ramifications when Bruce's knowledge and technology are delivered to the global society.

Story Behind the Song:

Produced in 2008, the last verse prophetically predicted the global awakening facilitated by the current pandemic, with Bruce's looking glass technology providing the solution via time reversed waves emitted from water.

The phrase is, "And the children are awakened then, A mighty force of mice and men."

This subtly refers to the deer mouse vector for the Hantavirus Respiratory Distress Syndrome Bruce is published on the "The Journal of Virology," similar to COVID-19 but with a 40% mortality rate. Thus, Bruce foresaw the pandemic and its spiritual function for the awakening of humanity via the looking glass technology, which is also a form of treatment for the disease. The device phase reverses the energetic disease state emissions that the virus uses to take control of the host DNA to make copies of itself, thus rendering the infection inert and curing the disease. Therefore, the time for the post-pharma revolution for the healing and enlightenment of humanity has come.
Song Length:
Primary Genre:
New Age-Alternative
Secondary Genre:
Reversing Time - Through the Looking Glass
Bruce Anderson 2008

If I say to you the water's on the rise,
And the world awaits the tide of light,
The secrets of a starry night,

I know you'd understand my point of view,
For the truth it has awakened us,
No more need to fight and fuss,

The word was handed down along the way,
A transformation to the light of day,
Memories that play upon your mind,
Reversing time,

Through the looking glass my eyes have clearly seen,
The Queen of Hearts was waiting there,
The Hatter Mad did stop and stare,

A memory of the future world of green,
No pollution left you see,
And all was brilliant energy,

And all the people loved each other there,
Different colors they just didn't care,
They rejoiced uplifting in the air,
Reversing time,

If it seems you've seen me here one time before,
It's a most peculiar memory,
That's only looking back you see,

The future is the past here all the more,
The beginning is the end my dear,
With love replace your darkest fear,

Then we will take the truth into the sky,
On wings of joy and wisdom we will fly,
Enlighten all the childen by and by,
Reversing time,

We're about to spin a tale here on the earth,
That the prophets told the people here,
To overcome their hate and fear,

As the galaxy's aligning with the sun,
And the children are awakened then,
A mighty force of mice and men,

We come to help alleviate their fears,
And let them know God loves them through the years,
To purge their hate and wash away their tears,
Reversing time,

Reversing time...