Bruce Anderson
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Planet X

Planet X - A Modern Holst Suite of the Planets features smooth jazz, world instrument and neo-classical music. Akin to the classical Holst Suite, each song is named after a planet or other heavenly body.

Bruce produced this while living in the Eden Foundation Boarding House for the disabled, presumably waiting to die from congestive failure. But fate had other plans and the music restored Bruce's quest for his ultimate healing and enlightenment.

Bruce's current favorites: Rings Around Saturn, Allstars of Mars, Atlantis Revisited and Uranian Camel Dance.

Free download links:

1 Rings Around Saturn  
2 Moonscape  
3 Planet X  
4 Tide of Neptune  
5 Hale Bopper  
6 Sidereal Persuasion  
7 Kudos for Pluto  
8 Transit of Mercury  
9 The Pianist from Venus  
10 Allstars of Mars  
11 Teardrops of the Pleiades  
12 Dreaming of Andromeda  
13 Atlantis Revisited (Earth)  
14 Aurora Borealis  
15 Lilacs on Europa  
16 Uranian Camel Dance  
17 Star of Bethlehem  
18 Music of the Spheres  
19 Ode to Jupiter  
20 Mozart in Orbit  
21 Queen of the Rising Sun