Bruce Anderson
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The Millennial Process

"The Millennial Process - an exploration of Jungian psychology, myth and the millennial prophecies."

This CD produced in 2006 features orchestral, smooth jazz and pop lyrical music exploring the Jungian themes of the collective unconscious, medieval alchemy and the Gnostics, the transition of the Age, the resolution of the opposites, Logos and Eros, etc...

The lyrics reflect the spiritual wisdom gained as I approached my healing and enlightenment on the path of my emerging alchemical opus, "The wounded healer's journey."

Bruce's current favorites: Here in St. John, Dahab, The Seal of Solomon, The Alchemist and The Millennial Process.

Click on song titles for the lyrics.

1 Here in St. John  
2 Butterfly  
3 The Night Sea Journey  
4 Dahab  
5 The Road to St. Catherine's  
6 The Alchemist  
7 The Bridge  
8 The Seal of Solomon  
9 The Millennial Process  
10 Pray  
11 The Messiah  
12 Jesus Returns  
13 Pharisee  
14 Consider The Cost  
15 Beyond Armageddon  
16 The Time is Now  
17 El Eden  
18 Here in St. John (reprise)