Bruce Anderson
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The Creation

"The Creation" CD explores the spiritual journey of a homeless disabled man battling to survive the corruption of our society in the trenches. This CD demo features lyrical smooth jazz and pop orchestral music.

Originally produced while Bruce was recovering from Vioxx-induced congestive heart failure in an apartment complex for the disabled in 2005, "The Creation" is an expression of the small miracles and spiritual guidance that are still possible under the most challenging circumstances any of us might have to face on our journeys back to our Creator.

The secondary artistic theme was to compose instrumental pieces to accompany the paintings of the masters, such as "The Creation of Adam" by Michelangelo, "Blue Boy" by Ganesborough, "The Last Supper" by Da Vinci and "Monet's Bridge" by, uh, by Monet! Duuuuh! Didn't you take art history?!

Bruce's current favorites: I'm Right Here, It's the Love, The Secret of St. Clare, I Love You and Until the End of Time.

Enjoy the music and click on song titles for the lyrics.

1 I'm Right Here  
2 You are the Miracle  
3 The Love in my Soul  
4 The Creation  
5 The Power of Light  
6 It's in Your Soul  
7 Blue Boy  
8 It's the Love  
9 You've Gotta Believe  
10 Monet's Bridge  
11 The Secret of St. Clare  
12 Adam and Eve  
13 I Love You  
14 I do it all for you  
15 The Last Supper  
16 Until the End of Time