Bruce Anderson
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The Voice of Water II

"The Voice of Water II" is the second demo CD to accompany Bruce's book and TV documentary project in progress.

While the first CD explores Bruce's spiritual process and recovery through 2006, "The Voice of Water II" focuses on the contribution of Bruce's primary relationship to his ongoing quest between 2009 and 2011.

See the photo page for Bruce and La Sette's travels to France in pursuit of the "red spring" healing waters of the alchemical tradition, then finding the healing red water in his own backyard at a horse ranch in Clovis, California in 2013.

1 I'm Already There  
2 Ocean Breeze  
3 I'm Coming Home to You  
4 Baby Come Out and Play  
5 Sacred Truth Unfurled  
6 The Very Last Day  
7 I Found Your Love  
8 A Journey Beyond Time  
9 Your Blood is Gold  
10 It's All Better Now  
11 We Can't Go Wrong  
12 We Will Take Flight