Bruce Anderson - The Voice of Water
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Spiral Violet 1
Description: Spiral Violet 1, a water-based optical phase conjugate mirror, presentation below.
The Voice of Water
Credits: Bruce Anderson 2006-2017
Description: Bruce Anderson, a medical scientist diagnosed with "incurable" congestive heart failure due to the blood clotting side effect of the defective drug, Vioxx, then left to die on disability for three years in a poverty-stricken boarding house, throws away his heart meds, rebuilds and treats himself with a rudimentary form of his own alternative biophysics technology in previous research and development, regenerates his scarred heart tissue, then comes out of his sick bed with ten weeks treatment and training to achieve a world ranking here at the 2006 FINA World Championships in masters swimming at Stanford.
Spiral Violet 1 presentation
Director: Bruce Anderson
Credits: Bruce Anderson 2012
Description: Bruce presents the Spiral Violet 1 vision, unified field theory and technology, introducing the breakthrough concepts of the photo-psychic effect, consciousness amplification, localized cellular time-reversal and the holographic storage of memory in water and the brain, the integrative paradigm shift of our time.

Bruce's device is a 4D space-time graviton laser energetically pushing the cells backwards through their path of differentiation, "prior" to damage or infection. Such a spinning plasma tube device previously cured cancer and was suppressed by Big Pharma corruption. Bruce's device communicates more efficiently with the brain and spinning DNA in the cells by projecting the plasma tube emissions through spinning water.

For clarification, the original unified field theory or "quantum gravity" vision took place in 1989, then further envisioned and the first prototype built the same week Ryan White lay dying with Elton John in attendance in the hospital adjacent to Bruce's lab in Indianapolis in 1990. This changed both Bruce's and Elton John's lives forever, yet the coming cure for AIDS still has yet to be delivered.

Due to Big Pharma terrorism against Bruce's biophysics peers in France, this is the currently suppressed coming cure for AIDS, cancer and the most challenging diseases, simply waiting for the society to wake up and help deliver it to Nobel laureate AIDS researcher, Luc Montagnier's water memory lab in China, followed by clinical trials in Africa and Bruce's intercultural healing plan for the primarily women's Iranian resistance in Paris.
Time For Revolution
Credits: Bruce Anderson, 2007
Description: As the Merck Corporation is receiving a slap on the wrist for willfully killing thousands of people with Vioxx, this slideshow represents the current state of pharmaceutical corruption in our society as Bruce prepares to spearhead the biophysics revolution with Elton John, somewhere over the rainbow...
Iran NTV feedback video
Director: Iran NTV
Credits: Iran NTV, 2010
Description: Iran National Television, the network of the Iranian resistance, sent Bruce this personal feedback video in response to his production of the human rights music video, "Ashraf City," introducing Bruce's intercultural healing plan for the Iranian resistance in Paris in Farsi subtitles, first broadcast worldwide in 2010.

With the corruption and human rights violations prevailing in both our societies, the Iranians agree, "It's Time for Revolution!"
Ashraf City
Director: Bruce Anderson
Credits: Bruce Anderson, Iran NTV, 2010
Description: Bruce composed, performed and co-produced this music video in collaboration with Iran National Television for international broadcast in 2010.

This is a pop version with voice over to educate American audiences. The orchestral version including Bruce's intercultural healing plan (in Farsi subtitles) for the burn victims of the Iranian resistance in Paris appears at the end of part 3 of Bruce's interview on Iran NTV below.

Ashraf, Iraq is a refugee community of 3,400 Iranian resistance members at risk of deportation back to Iran, where their lives would be in grave danger.

(Since moved to Camp Liberty with continuing human rights violations, then finally provided asylum in Albania in 2016. The primary remaining issue is Bruce's intercultural healing plan to assist the Iranians with their coming revolution. See the above feedback video from Iran NTV.)

When the camera man didn't show up in San Francisco, we filmed this on a little Sony digital, lip syncing without sound in the crowds, black blanket on the wall in my home office for the studio shots, then uploaded the clips to Iran NTV in Iraq for editing. Then look at the glowing response from Iran NTV in their feedback video! "Just do it!" ;o)
Iran NTV interview intro clip
Director: Iran NTV
Credits: 2010 Iran NTV
Description: In 2010, Iran NTV interviewed Bruce from their studios in the Iranian resistance refugee community of Ashraf City, Iraq, via telephone with Bruce at Yosemite National Park in Central California. The interview, in Farsi with English subtitles, is broken into parts. This is the intro clip.

(We were waiting in the heat at Yosemite for 8 hours while they pumped up the generator or something, maybe rebuilt the studio at Ashraf. ;o) I was talking into my pocket because that's where my cell phone was and I wanted everyone to hear me! And I think Javid, my Iranian best friend and cameraman, must have had too much wine for lunch, because he couldn't keep the camera on me! LOL

Just kidding, the primary camera was turned off and we were lucky we got it at all after the 8 hour wait...)
Iran NTV Interview, part 2.
Credits: Iran NTV, 2010
Description: This is part 2 of Bruce's Iran NTV interview broadcast from Ashraf City, Iraq, with Bruce at Yosemite via cell phone. Bruce discusses his introduction to the Iranian resistance, performing his human rights music for the Iranians, being invited to meet with NCRI leader, Maryam Rajavi, in her home outside Paris, Bruce's medical expertise and what advice he may have for the oppressed Iranians in preparation for their coming revolution. Bruce closes citing Thomas Jefferson in comparison to Mrs. Rajavi's courage and commitment in pursuit of freedom and democracy for the Iranian people.
Iran NTV interview, part 3
Credits: 2010 Iran NTV
Description: This is part 3, the closing clip of Bruce's Iran NTV interview at Yosemite. The interviewer asks what song Bruce might choose to perform upon the liberation of the Iranian people. Bruce proposes a new song title, "The Lions of Ashraf," commensurate with their courage and endurance in the face of persecution, then recites his poem, "Viva Rajavi," and introduces his music video, "Ashraf City," to close the interview.
Maryam Rajavi, June 30, 2007 Convention
Description: Maryam Rajavi takes the stage at the June 30, 2007 Iranian resistance convention in Paris, France attended by 50,000 supporters from all continents. Bruce supported Rajavis opposition to the mullahs with his "Time for Revolution" CD music at the event.
France 2010, first half
Credits: 2010 Bruce Anderson
Description: An amateur video and photo montage of Bruce and and his girlfriend La Sette's journey to Paris and the sacred feminine sites of Mary Magdalene in the south of France in 2010. Atmospheric with little narration. This is the first half in the south. See the photo storyboard for how this fits into the plotline.
France 2010, second half
Director: Bruce Anderson
Credits: Bruce Anderson 2010
Description: This is the second half of our trip upon arriving in Paris. We left my million dollar camera in our car rental at the Charles DeGaulle Airport upon arriving in Paris, so it degrades from there. But it's all about the love baby...