Bruce Anderson - The Voice of Water
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The Spark of Life

Lyric Credits: 2008 Bruce Anderson
Music Credits: 2008 Bruce Anderson
Producer Credits: 2008 Bruce Anderson
Publisher Credits:
Performance Credits: 2008 Bruce Anderson
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Long Song Description:
"The Spark of Life," spiritual enlightenment strikes in the blink of eye, usually after decades of preparation, considerable suffering and annihilation of the superficial ego.

Picking up from the last song, "I Lost my Father to the Sea," while near death at the turning point with Vioxx-induced congestive heart failure and insignificant help from his deceptive cardiologist only making things worse, Bruce had to decide whether to take his own life to finish off the job the Merck Corporation and the negligent physicians had started, comfort himself as he approached his inevitable death or fight back from his "incurable" disease.
Story Behind the Song:
Bruce decided to comfort himself by purchasing a music composition synthesizer he had once owned before he became homeless. Bruce had to wrestle with a payee controlling his benefits for nearly a year in order to purchase the keyboard. The resulting music began the emotional and spiritual healing that no drug could achieve. This was followed by Bruce throwing away his heart meds and rebuilding a rudimentary form of the pyramidal biophysics technology that had once protected him energetically from his mercury intoxication. Despite his intuitive guidance, Bruce didn't think it would work, as it didn't make any sense that he would be able to regenerate his dead scarred heart tissue. More in the next song, "The Moment of Truth."

Seize that sword!

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Pop-Easy Listening
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The Spark of Life

Now if you're prone to wonder,
While feeling the strain you're under,
Now if all your dreams,
They will be coming around,
While your stuck on the ground,

Look for the spark of lightning,
The blink of an eye not frightening,
Tomorrow your world will change,
Then your problems will fly and your life rearrange,


The spark of life will set you free,
Reconnecting you to me,
The spark of life soon you will see,
What your life can be,
You fell on the fateful tuesday,
The building went down to your dismay,
Though you thought the world would end,
All along I was there and your faith wouldn't bend,

Going on seven long years,
You built a new bridge dispelled your fears,
Now I'll be the one to spark your life,
Far beyond all the strain and the strife,


The spark of life...