Bruce Anderson - The Voice of Water
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Learn From Us - Dolphin Speak (McDonald duet demo)

Lyric Credits: 1990 Bruce Anderson
Music Credits: 1990 Bruce Anderson
Producer Credits: 2010 Bruce Anderson
Publisher Credits:
Performance Credits: 2010 Bruce Anderson
Label Credits:
Short Song Description:
Needs reworking, for concept only. Original recording lost in a catastrophic fire. Experimenting with horn parts here. Originally had better suspended chords into the uplifting chorus, different chords there too. Michael sings bridge and takes the dolphin
Long Song Description:
In this rhythm and blues marine ecological protest song reminiscent of Michael McDonald's "Takin' it to the Streets" spoken from under the water, the dolphins remind us that we aren't the only high species on the planet.

The subliminal theme is that just as the sonar blasts and the (Gulf of New Mexico) pollution are degrading the lives of the dolphins, the military-industrial complex and the corporations are blocking the spiritual development of humanity and the answers lie "underneath the waves" of the water and the spirit.

Bruce originally composed this song in 1990 to be a duet for Bruce and Michael McDonald during the same visions leading to the invention of his water-based Spiral Violet 1 biophysics technology for the treatment of AIDS, cancer and now heart disease.

Story Behind the Song:
In pursuit of his healing and enlightenment in 2011, Bruce traveled to the Mayan Riviera and the Yucatan, in part to experience a dolphin encounter off of Isla Mujeres.

It so happens that dolphins emit an acoustically-pulsed 100 watt radio signal from the oil-filled "melon" in their heads, in order to achieve "time-reversed" electromagnetic/gravitational healing functions, same as Bruce's Spiral Violet 1.

Then in 2015, Bruce projected such dolphin sounds into the Spiral Violet 1 as a new protocol to treat and regenerate his torn rotator cuff tendon. "Learn From Us - Dolphin Speak!"
Song Length:
Primary Genre:
R & B-Contemporary
Secondary Genre:
Learn From Us
(Dolphin Speak)

Lyrics and Music
by Bruce Anderson

Though you're our brothers in the planetary scheme,
Our aqua world is far beyond your idle dreams,
Underneath the waves,

We live our lives and we wish not to interfere,
But you're encroaching in this world we hold so dear,
Underneath the waves,


You say that the best things in life are free,
But you've never really recognized your true destiny,
We're living it all of our lives,
Under the waves,

And what do you think that the future will hold,
If you don't raise up your eyes and live the legends of old,
And leave all illusions you see,
Under the waves,

Learn from us,

Dolphin speak synth solo:


You take our children,
The future of our sacred breed,
Now we must ask that you not extend your greed,
Underneath the waves,


Learn from us!
We've kept an eye on humanity,
Learn from us!
Can't really say we like what we see,
Learn from us!
What will it take for you to put them away,
Learn from us!
These evil weapons you carry today,
Learn from us!
The highest life forms on the land and the sea,
Learn from us!
This planet's future is you and me,
Learn from us!
The peaceful life that we live under the waves,
Learn from us!
Should be a lesson for your animal ways,

Learn from us!
Learn from us!
Learn from us!