Bruce Anderson - The Voice of Water
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Beyond Armageddon

Lyric Credits: ©2008 Bruce Anderson
Music Credits: ©2008 Bruce Anderson
Producer Credits: ©2008 Bruce Anderson
Publisher Credits:
Performance Credits: ©2008 Bruce Anderson
Label Credits:
Short Song Description:
A most powerful symphonic apocalypse. The millennial prophecies of doom lead to the spiritual transformation of humanity and society.
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Beyond Armageddon

The war in the valley must come and the warriors will bleed in the fields,
Thatâ??s what it says in the book and the prophecies must be revealed,
Yet prophets of doom have a way of concealing the meaning of God,
Thereâ??s room for repentance compassion true healing and sparing the rod,

The poles will switch places the earth will unleash all Godâ??s wrath then unfurled,
The oceans will rise and the continents fall off the edge of the world,
Yet healing begins with the voice from within crying out in the storm,
When worlds coliide they transform and transmute to a much higher form,


So whatâ??s the harm in still believing in love,
And people striving on for heaven above now,
Itâ??s never cast in stone the deal isnâ??t done,
Make the choice for love and light on the run,

Beyond Armageddon,
Then Satan will send his delusional prince take control of the earth,
A third of all people will die and the women will stop giving birth,
Yet darkness precedes every day when the twilight gives rise to the sun,
And each soul must learn to forgive all transgressions before they are done,

The devil within is the one we must fight beyond doom and the gloom,
For there lies the answer to riddles unfurled where the truth was entombed,
Unlocking enlightenmentâ??s grace is the secret that soon is revealed,
So turn now to find all the power within beyond wars in the field,

Beyond Armageddon...