Bruce Anderson - The Voice of Water
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We Can't Go Wrong

Lyric Credits: Bruce Anderson 2010
Music Credits: Bruce Anderson 2010
Producer Credits: Bruce Anderson 2010
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Performance Credits: Bruce Anderson 2010
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Pop-Easy Listening
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We Can't Go Wrong
lyrics and music
by Bruce Anderson

Now if you're feeling like our love will never rise into the skies,
Now baby open up your eyes,
The whole new world I promised you it's coming true now don't be blue,
We'll fly before the fire dies,


My baby can't you see that you will always be,
My ray of light beyond time,
My moon and stars and sunshine,

My baby don't you know the trust will always grow,
Like flowers in the summer,
Our love is getting warmer,

The sweetness of my dreams,
Your body next to me,
Is but a mirror reflection,
Two souls with one connection,

And now it's time to fly,
My baby that is why,
I'm singing you my song,
You know we can't go wring,

I'm singing you my song,
You know we can't go wrong,

I'm singing you my song,
You know we can't go wrong,
If your day is dragging on it won't be long I won't be gone,
Right here with me you do belong,
When the sun is setting low you have to know so long ago,
God sent me you to sing my song,

We can't go wrong...