Bruce Anderson - The Voice of Water
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Baby Come Out and Play

Lyric Credits: 2009 Bruce Anderson
Music Credits: 2009 Bruce Anderson
Producer Credits: 2009 Bruce Andrson
Performance Credits: 2009 Bruce Anderson
Long Song Description:
The wooing process begins with this fun upbeat lyric persuading La Sette that Bruce is the one for her.
Song Length:
Primary Genre:
R & B-General
Secondary Genre:
Baby Come Out and Play
lyrics and music
by Bruce Anderson

Baby the time has come to say,
Will you come out with me and play,
Baby girl what is on your mind,
Are you gonna leave me blue or will you be mine,
Makin' love all the time,
Rockababy, Rockababy,

I showed you my stuff is on the line,
That I am the man for you in time,
Now do you believe in destiny,
Now girl no more dying hard we've got be free,
Gonna make history,


I'll float your boat and set your spirit on the sea,
You couldn't ask for more devotion can't you see,
I'd sacrifice my life before I'd leave you blue,
Now won't you heal my heart I'll be yours forever true,

Baby come out,
Baby come out,
Baby come out,
Baby come out,
Come out and play,
Your lion is wounded in the paw,
But you've got the stuff to clean it all,
Now baby you're just so fine to me,
I'll give you my love and we'll make new history,
We've got to be freaky,

I thought I was done with love you see,
But you came along right here to me,
I saw that a new life called me home,
My baby and me would never be so alone,
No makin' love on the phone, LOL

Your boogie man's coming don't you see,
Now girl won't you shake that stuff for me,
You're working so hard you need the rest,
For lovin' your man you know he will be the best,
For passing your test,

He'll take on the burden you have known,
Harvest the seeds that he has sown,
Now baby you're makin' history,
If you can decide right now you've got to free,
Rockababy with me,