Bruce Anderson - The Voice of Water
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The Voice of Water

This demo album is to accompany Bruce's book and TV project in progress, "The Voice of Water - A Wounded Healer's Journey," (Introducing the Unified Field Theory of Biophysics.)

Bruce's post-Einsteinian multidimensional unified field theory, his water-based medical technology, fulfilled visions, biophysics recovery from Vioxx-induced congestive heart failure to world class masters swimming competition and worldwide televised human rights music performances on Iran NTV and beyond, taking on both Big Pharma and the mullahs simultaneously with the cure for AIDS, cancer and his intercultural healing plan for the Iranian resistance in Paris, are literally, "The Voice of Water."

(Well that's a mouthful dolphin brain. Can you back it up?)

World Championship race, post-congestive heart failure.

Opening interview, Iran NTV, in preparation.

Lecture presentation:

Click on the song titles for the lyrics and Bruce's inspiring story of his quest for the Holy Grail of science and medicine, spiritual transformation, healing, enlightenment and empowerment on his alchemical opus, the odyssey of the wounded healer's journey.

1 The Vision  
2 The Power of Light  
3 It Has Begun  
4 Reversing Time (Through the Looking Glass)  
5 Fire of a Diamond  
6 Am I Forgiven?  
7 I Lost my Father to the Sea  
8 The Spark of Life  
9 The Moment of Truth  
10 The Eagle Flies  
11 Santa Cruz  
12 Love You All the Time  
13 Suzie Q.  
14 How Were You to Know?  
15 The Tales of Atlantis  
16 Joshua  
17 The Voice of Water  
18 Joy!  
19 Learn From Us - Dolphin Speak (McDonald duet demo)